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from Kelly Leggett starting my own business

Hi Reese I'm just a housewife that loves to take pictures. People that have seen them say I should do something with them. The Lord has given me a way to see things different and ...I can't explain it.I purchased 3 of your note cards at the art and air show in Albany Or.and felt something amazing when I looked at them.How did you get started? Do you think everyone has to just start small and keep at it? I know it started as a hobby for you. By the way where do you purchase your cellophane sleeves?Thank you for listening.I wonder if I could have you're opinion on my picts someday. In HIM ,kelly Previous Response:
on January 08, 2010
 Kelly: Please don't refer to yourself as "just a housewife." It's a very meaningful and important calling. Just saying, no insult intended, Judy 

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